Referral Commission

New Zealand Resellers and Local Business Referrals

A Staggering $250 For Each & Every Friend, Customer or Business You Refer … Claim YOURS!!!

best web design flyerYes! You read that correctly.  We’ve hammered our suppliers, we’ve cooked the books and we’ve slashed our costs to be able to offer this incredible Web Business referrer’s commission to anyone that wants it.

If you already have a gauk Media flyer you’ll see that there’s a unique number on it that matches the one on a tear off slip at the bottom.

The flyer does a lot of the hard work for you giving a brief outline of what gauk Media does and and how we can help businesses.

Most importantly, it enables the business, customer or friend to claim a 10% discount off certain valuable Web Business commissions & packages so they have every incentive to hand in YOUR flyer with YOUR unique number.

Hand the flyer to a friend or business owner explaining that if they are thinking of setting up a web business to take a look at “they’re brilliant”.

When your contact hands in the flyer they will receive 10% OFF their first order*

There is a unique order number on the flyer & tear off.

Tear off the bottom and KEEP IT SAFE

We will publish order numbers (bottom of page). If your order numbers match then ‘Whehey!’ Give us a call or use the Contact Us form and claim your $250 … it will be transferred or posted immediately.

If you want some flyers just drop us a line with your name address and phone number:

Print Your Own Flyers & Register Online

We have a sophisticated tracking system that we use for monitoring reseller sales online, but we can also use it to monitor your gauk Media referrals. It’s so easy to set up. Just print off some flyers and keep them handy, add your tracking code and start talking to those who may be considering expanding online. You could be making money whilst chatting on the rugby sideline, watching the daughter at gymnastics or enjoying a cool beer on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Step 1: Go HERE and register

Step 2: The system will log you in and issue you an ID found at the top of the page eg:  General affiliate link: (the number at the end is what you need)

This is a screenshot of what you’ll see when you register showing where to find your ID:

affiliate id

Step 3: Go HERE print off a flyer and fill in the UNIQUE CODE box with your ‘Affilliate ID’ (or your name)

When the company hands in their flyer for their 10% discout and your ID appears in the list below you can either send us the tear off slip and we can also track you whrough your registration.

Good Luck! And we hope to be sending you lots of money soon…

Ideal as Value Added Revenue Generator For Businesses or Earn a Lucrative Part-Time Income

This is a genuine, no questions asked, no quibble offer! Simply refer a friend or business and get two hundred and fifty big, fat, juicy dollars … isn’t that fantastic?

We are keen to work with local businesses and will move Heaven and Earth to establish mutually profitable partnerships promoting gauk Media Web Business Development Services for a ‘no cost’ source of additional revenue.

We are also keen to offer a source of income to ANYONE with the desire to put in a few hours a week.

There’s no limit on the number of people or companies you refer and we hope that $250 commission is enough to encourage you to go out and possibly make a valuable part-time income.   And what an awesome proposition!

  • gauk Media is run by successful entrepreneurs so you’ll get all the help, support and ideas you need
  • And as entrepreneurs we are best placed to help the businesses you approach
  • The products are THE VERY BEST available
  • The products offer THE BEST VALUE FOR MONEY … ANYWHERE!
  • There are always offers for businesses to encourage a purchase helping you refer more
  • gauk Media operate a POSITIVE CASHFLOW policy. We are confident in our products and will not start work without a deposit, ensuring your commissions are safe
  • gauk Media offer unrivalled customer support
  • Unique code tacking ensures you always get paid for your valuable referrals
  • Refer 2 companies a week and earn $2,000/month
  • Refer 3 companies a week and earn $3,000/month
  • Refer just one company a day and earn an eye-watering $65,000/year

Bonus Scheme:

  • 5 completed orders in a month we will pay $500 BONUS
  • 10 completed orders in a month we will pay $1000 BONUS
  • 20 completed orders in a month we will pay $1000 BONUS PLUS $50 per order for ALL orders. eg. 20 x $300 + $1000 (bonus) = $7,000 Simply for referrals!

We want to pay you! We ask all clients if they were referred and if so, by whom.

If you need any flyers or support or want to talk through a lucrative partnership, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Paul J. Tranter
“No road is long with good company”


A Staggering $250 For Each & Every Friend, Customer or Business You Refer … Is YOUR Number Here!

A commission becomes payable on successful delivery and full payment of a package.  Currently, Best Website Design Package, Big Idea Commission, Managed eMail Campaign.

Check the following order numbers, if one matches your tear off slip or your registered name (see registering online above) then get in touch. Make sure you keep your tear off slips safe, they are like a lottery ticket that’s a guaranteed $250 winner! But like a lottery ticket, you lose it and we can’t pay:

Please note that the referral programme is new – your codes will look like this:


  • gaukruf88 (flyer code)
  • gaukruf84
  • gaukthy78
  • gaukpl66
  • gaukko1
  • gaukruf25
  • 4fd672634f836 (internet code)
  • gaukruf796
  • gaukruf633
  • 4fd672634f982
  • gauklko17
  • gaukruf268
  • Jameson (surname code)
  • gaukruf88 PAID
  • gaukruf84 PAID
  • gaukthy78
  • gaukpl66

Referral & Reseller Programme Terms & Conditions in Plain English!

  • Only ONE referral discount and commission per order – not to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • If we have a general offer (eg 10% off some packages) the referral discount will ALSO count, so in this example the discount would be 20% if flyer discount is 10%
  • NO tear off slip or online registration, NO commission (We want to pay you, keep them safe!)
  • Best Website Design Package, Big Idea Commission, Managed eMail Campaign packages only unless otherwise stated
  • gauk Media require a 50% deposit from clients to start work. In the highly unlikely event that the order is aborted by the client and not covered by the refund policy, we will still pay $75 (there are lots of set up costs in the first 50%)
  • In the highly unlikely event that we have to make a refund AFTER a commission is paid, the value of that commission will be marked as defaulted and will be deducted from future payments
  • Completed order means signed off and paid for. When final balance payment is made, the order is signed off and the referral commission becomes marked as ‘due’ in that calendar month. (You could introduce a client and it may take 3 months to sign off their order depending on complexity – basically you get paid when we get paid).
  • As soon as an order deposit is received the reference will be published above as ‘Pending’
  • As soon as a commission is marked as ‘Due’ the reference number will be published above and you must claim it by producing the matching tear off slip or be registered in our system online
  • As soon as a commission is paid it will be marked as ‘Paid’
  • If a payment is not received either by post of bank transfer you must contact us immediately
  • Payments are made on or around the 24th of each month for all completed orders in the previous month
  • Any questions please Contact Us
  • Our general website terms can be viewed Here