We received some great feedback from our first WebDog Blog and a number of interesting questions.  The hot topic appears to be the magnificent or evil Google!

screenshot_1699Anyone that has an online presence will have experienced just how difficult it can be to get any sort of foothold in search results. Sometimes you can be the cream at the top and overnight, be cast into the wilderness.

At WebDog we believe in being brutally honest with our clients and talking Google can be a topic of hot debate. As web-business owners we’re expected to know how to dominate the search results and although there’s a number of things we can do to help, there’s absolutely nothing we can do to guarantee a position.

Over the last month we’ve been approached by a number of businesses that have been offered guaranteed top rankings in search results (for a fee). We’ve been approached to ask if we can do the same for websites.

So before we go any further let’s clarify the great Google conundrum: There is not a company or web designer in existence (as far as we are aware) that can guarantee any position in Google’s organic (free) search results.

Read on….


google-war-on-spamSure, there are methods of getting a top ranking on completely obscure search terms, but what good is that for a business, you want to get found for the most popular ‘searched for’ terms … right?

There’s a massive industry out there promoting everything from those little blue pills to bachelor dating and here’s the issue.  As soon as a system for high ranking works, Google has to put a stop to it because the spammers discover it too.

The world’s best ‘search’ scientists are constantly tweaking the highly secret algorithm (mathametical formula for search results) to display quality … problem is that it’s a one-fit solution applied to billions of diverse websites.

At WebDog we tell our clients that when it comes to getting found on Google all you can do the best you can do in terms of set up!  The rest is down to hard work … just like that bricks and mortar business.

So what is ‘the best you can do’?

It’s actually not rocket science.  The key is hard work and getting the basics right.

The most important factor is to get the architecture of your website right.  Google looks for quality and this is a ground-up criteria. There are a number of quality structures around which a good website can be built but for us, the outstanding performer is WordPress.  We’ve moved all our sites to this system and for most applications there is no comparison. Having said that, there is a place for website building software for more customised solutions and large budgets and it’s something that a publisher may want to consider … but something we now steer clear of.

The key factor for us in using WordPress is that Google loves it!

The structure is bombproof and built in such a way as to make it human-friendly too. Once the structure is set up we always add Yoast, a powerful search engine optimisation plug in.

This awesome tool presents the pages of the WordPress site in just the right way – it allows you to easily set up a page for a chosen topic.  If you sell widgets, Yoast will make sure that the page keywords are in the right place and of the right density … in short Yoast does the job that those companies who cold-call from for far off lands promise to do.

And that’s it! That’s the very best you can do in terms of setting up your site for Google.

Now the hard work begins!

There are a complex number of strategies and essentials that need to be implemented over time that show Google your site is worth listing above all others.

We’ll cover many of them in future issues of the blog and one thing we can promise is that not one of them will be a quick fix! You need to be relevant to your industry, have key information that is regularly updated, give visitors a REASON to come to you.

There are far too many ‘experts’ out there … most have not put a dollar of their own money on the line! So when they promise you amazing results overnight, they’re simply after one thing … YOUR money!

If you’re considering a search engine service give us a call first … we’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear!

Wondering if the Web Dogs can help? Give us a call 035402485



Consider this example: When you search for “eshops nelson”, eShops is top placed in the Google Places search results.

To the right of the result, you can see all the information that eShops has placed in its Google Places listing. They’ve included reviews, information, and pictures including a marker on the map.

To set up your business on Google Places requires that you go through a registration and set up process. Google will then send a postcard with a verify code which you submit. Your Google Places account will be connected to your Google account.

You can then set up whether or not your business provides services in a certain area or areas. This will allow your business to appear on map listings. When people search for a business similar to your listing, your business will appear on a map within a specified range. You can then select which location(s) your services cover(s). The map will show you what area will be covered.

If you prefer to serve only certain cities or areas within a city, you can choose the second option and pick the areas you serve. This option can be helpful for companies that are only able to serve a certain area, such as a pizza delivery company, or in a very niche market, like a jet ski company on a beach.

Another aspect of an effective Google Places advertisement is the hours your business operates. Often, when people are searching for your business, they’re looking to see when you’re open, and Google allows you to include this directly in your listing. If you sell products or services directly to your customers, either online or in-store, you also have the option to let customers know ahead of time what forms of payment you accept.

Almost done – Now, you can include other information that may be vitally important to potential customers at your place of business or at your online retail site at the end of the listing set-up process. This information can range from details about the location if it’s difficult to find, to information about the products and services your business provides. Use this as an opportunity to tell potential customers why your business is worth a second look.

WebDog offer a Google Places service and for just $97+GST will do all the set up for you.

Get Your Business on Google Places & Maps With WebDog

Google Places is a relatively new service that enables your business to be listed on Google Maps, making it easier for your clients or customers to locate you.  Google Places enables a business owner to manage the information Google displays regarding the physical location of their business. Potential customer searching for a service or product you offer will see your business listed under the search results as well as in Places.

WebDog will set up your Google Places account and information by submitting relevant information like the address, phone number, email, hours of operation, payment method, mode of service, images and even videos to Google.

Google Places connects you directly with customers through Search, Maps or Google+.