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gauk Media is NOT a Web Design Agency!

We’re a ‘Solutions Company’ Run by Internet Entrepreneurs

“How Can We Help YOU?”


  • Got a BIG IDEA but unsure of who to entrust it to? … Let’s talk … no matter how BIG the project!
  • Got a website but want a WEB BUSINESS? … Let’s talk
  • Need a professional, elegant Web solution that works? … Let’s talk


Big Ideas

So you’ve got a BIG Idea? … Now who are you going to trust to develop it? We have the teams, the talent, the ‘out of the box’ mentality … and critically, the experience to bring your BIG Idea to life

Big Ideas


World Class Websites

Barking Mad Prices! Powerful online solutions and customisable builds that work for you and your business. These aren’t just beautiful websites! We build solid, practical, engaging solutions for less than you imagine! .



Sales Pages

SUPERCHARGE Your Sales & Conversion Rates by 100%, 200% or Even a Staggering 500% With The RIGHT Headline! Use our Best Copywriting Service and we’ll create pages which SELL, SELL, SELL!



Hosting and servers

TransPacific Hosting Dependable Website Hosting: Total peace of mind. A web business should not only operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year but be able to cope with demand. We worry about your Web Business so you don’t have to!




eMail Marketing

Boost YOUR Online Business By 25%, 55% or Even a Staggering 95% A properly constructed and set up email marketing strategy is like having your own personal robot working 24/7/365 engaging with potential clients, building trust, sending out news and offers and most importantly making sales AUTOMATICALLY!

eMail Marketing


Social Marketing

Reach & Engage With MORE Customers. If you’re not pulling in traffic from your Fanpage then frankly, you’re a dinosaur! At gauk Media we run and create content-rich Facebook & Twitter FanPages. Add HTML, forms, video, borders, background colors and images, autoresponders and all the famous tools & plugins

Social Media

"No road is long with good company"

Let's Talk!


When Considering a Development Partner,
Ask This Super-Important Question FIRST:

“How much money have YOU made online?”

gauk Media is NOT an ordinary Web marketing or development agency. We’re owned and operated by a very rare breed indeed … ‘Entrepreneurs’ who actually run successful, profitable online businesses of their own. 

Gauk (now gauk Media NZ) has run commercial websites for nearly fifteen years. Each business has been built from zero and self-funded with no outside investments or loans. Every one has grown through trial and failure using strategic testing, methods and technologies with a laser sharp focus on a ‘return’ for every dollar invested. In ‘plain speak’, if we don’t make money, we don’t eat!

It’s One Thing Having a Website … It’s a Totally Different Ball Game ‘Doing Business’ Online!

So … “What can we do for YOU?”

It’s a sad but true FACT that “nobody really gives a damn about your business!”

They don’t want to read your Company History or Profile; they’re not interested in reading About Us, and they certainly couldn’t give a flying fig about what wonderful people the staff are (although I’m sure they are!)

A customer has a problem and ALL they want is it solved … An efficient Web Business will ask, “What can we do for you?” and deliver the solution. 

First, and in total contradiction to what was just said, I feel it’s IMPORTANT in this particular case that you know who we are and be confident that we can solve YOUR problems … We’ve traded online for over twelve years, have grown exponentially and now manage a truly international operation with interests in USA, UK, India, Europe, The Philippines, and now New Zealand. We run a number of websites like gauk Auctions, gauk Charters, gauk Motors, gauk Villas CatchThat!, The Grid WebDog etc

Over our time online we’ve suffered large bouts of confusion, encountered information overload and become utterly bewildered at times, but slowly and by actually working through real-world issues, we’ve climbed to a lofty height on that formidable learning curve.

We’ve employed the services of numerous web agencies for projects and during our time on the Web have endured every problem imaginable. We’ve gone live with propositions so prolific that sheer demand crashed the servers or broke the code. We’ve had websites that enjoyed high traffic (visitors) from search engines only to see it disappear overnight (recently!) We’ve had to deal with hackers, data thieves, you name it … and many other issues the everyday ‘Web Designer’ simply wouldn’t encounter.

Over the years we have fine tuned every aspect of a ‘Web Business’ … from security to online payment processing, from testing sales conversion rates to efficient delivery of product, from scalable server architecture to great customer support systems. Some of our businesses have now turned over many millions of dollars so we know ‘through stubborn experience’ that our systems are sound, scaleable and above all, highly profitable.

Through gauk Media, for the very first time, we now make these services available to companies large and small … We have the ‘in the trenches’ grounding and talent to bring any project vividly to life and more importantly, nourish it’s growth. Be it a small start-up with limited operating resources to a vast operation enjoying One Hundred Million unique visitors a monthwe handle it!

Survival on the Internet requires an holistic approach and it’s a rare business that can’t improve turnover by implementing some simple, scalable strategies. Our experience has shown that even simply ‘tweaking’ and split testing headlines, colours and page layouts, we can increase conversions of a web page by up to 100%!!!

…So just imagine what we can do for you when we really get down to work!

When we talk the first question will not be the ubiquitous “what’s your budget?”

We will discuss your goals, objectives and plan out how best they can be achieved through technology that is the bedrock of organisations running their operations sustainably online in today’s highly competitive environment. And more importantly plan out a monetisation strategy to ensure that there is a return on the money invested.

Our team

In our team is made up of the best professionals in their fields of expertise and entrepreneurs who know how to make things better.

  • Paul Tranter

    Paul Tranter


    “Always do the very best you can in anything and everything you do!”

  • The Team

    The Team

    The Team

    Strategically placed across three continents a focused and dedicated team work tirelessly

  • Steve


    Project Management

    “No road is long with good company”

  • Anne Jefferson

    Anne Jefferson

    Lead designer

    Dream on!


Honor your loved ones, honor your commitments, honor your business partners, honor your fans, honor your work and the final product. And the biggest accomplishment of all: Honor yourself


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