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I have owned several traditional businesses in the past including a yacht charter company, a catering business, a direct mail operation, even a Pub and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing has the potential of the Internet. A couple of spotty kids can set up a site and in a couple of years exit pocketing a billion dollars! (You Tube for example).  And what about all the $multi-million exits that don’t make the headlines happening on a daily basis?

Yet the vast majority of traditional business owners struggle to compete for every last customer in a small, local market. They spend tens of thousands on systems, signage, transport, stationary, offices, staff, accounting general expenses etc, etc … and totally ignore the largest source of customers on Earth!

Please take some time to browse through the gauk Media site and consider, very carefully each service we offer because if you’re serious about expanding online you not only need all the elements in place but you absolutely require the very best of each …  Read on and see how we can help with your Online BUSINESS!

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A successful Web Business will deliver useful content or the right product at just the precise moment the buyer needs it

“Have a great day”
Paul J. Tranter

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Big Idea?

gauk big ideas

BIG Ideas: So you’ve got a BIG Idea? … Now who are you going to trust to develop it? We have the teams, the talent, the ‘out of the box’ mentality … and critically, the experience to bring your BIG Idea to life … and to ensure it grows naturally without any drama! Take a look at our BIG Idea page and see what we can do together

How Can We help?

Web Businesses

word press sites Need a Beautiful, Elegant Web Solution On Time & On Budget! These aren’t just beautiful websites! We build solid, practical, engaging solutions for less than you imagine! Discover how gauk Media can build your stunning website and deliver it in a week …  this is really, going to excite you!!!

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Website Hosting

website hosting Dependable Website Hosting: Total peace of mind. A web business should not only operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year but be able to cope with demand. gauk run dedicated servers at state-of-the-art data centers with 99.9% up time … We worry about your Web Business so you don’t have to!

Sleep Easy Solutions

eMail Marketing

autoresponder Boost YOUR Online Business By 25%, 55% or Even a Staggering 95% A properly constructed and set up email marketing strategy is like having your own personal robot working 24/7/365 engaging with potential clients, building trust, sending out news and offers and most importantly making sales AUTOMATICALLY!

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Social Marketing

facebook fanpage builder Reach & Engage With MORE Customers. If you’re not pulling in traffic from your Fanpage then frankly, you’re a dinosaur! At gauk Media we run and create content-rich Facebook & Twitter FanPages. Add HTML, forms, video, borders, background colors and images, autoresponders and all the famous tools & plugins

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Sales Page Writing

copywriting for sales and seoSUPERCHARGE Your Sales & Conversion Rates by 100%, 200% or Even a Staggering 500% With The RIGHT Headline! Use our Best Copywriting Service and we’ll create pages which SELL, SELL, SELL! We don’t write website copy, we create powerful ‘Sales Funnels’ for humans and search engine robots!

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Text Marketing

text marketing 97% of Text Messages Are Opened! When you consider that 73% of people actually WANT to receive offers and promotions by text, it’s no wonder that text marketing has become such a potent and profitable weapon! At gauk we have some of the best features within the industry, from coupons and competitions right through to opt-in forms and of course, our 70000 short code

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Mega Links

mega short links Not ALL Short URLs Are The Same! Just imagine how many extra sales and leads you can pull from thin air by adding any of the following to your URLs … exit pop ups, custom tools (create your own), peel away ads, viral bars, follow me tabs, designer drop-ins, autoresponder opt-in forms, opt-in bars and even intelligent navigation bars to show videos and HTML content

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Mobile Marketing

gomo website builder mobileDesigner Mobile Websites! Our GoMo Mobile Website Builder will EASILY CONVERT websites into dynamic, vibrant mobile friendly websites, which synchronize with your regular website. EVERYTHING is included, even hosting, no technical skills required. Don’t delay … mobile phone browsing is Exploding!

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Sales Funnels

vortex landing splash page creator

Vortex Sales Funnel Builder: Sales, Splash and Landing Pages. Use Vortex Sales Funnel Builder  or WordPress & add our sales tools to create pages which SELL, SELL, SELL! From video and video squeeze pages to sales and slide show presentation pages. Or use our fully hosted WordPress sites

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Killer QR Creator

QR code generator Give it a Try! … Install a QR Reader App on Your Phone, Scan The Code HERE … QR stands for ‘Quick Response’. A QR code is like a bar code but contains far more information like URLs, phone numbers and other important stuff. Scan a QR code instead of having to manually type data into the phone

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Results Tracker

statistics Google Analytics Quality Tracking For All Your Short URLs: Google Analytics Powered Reporting … Our statistics gives you all you need to know for your short URLs.Entry, exit, bounce rates and where they came from. Plus for website builder pages and FanPages we also provide at a glance page view reports

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When Considering a Commercial Website Partner,
Ask This Super-Important Question FIRST …

“How much money have YOU made online?”

gauk Media is NOT an ordinary Web marketing or development agency. Unlike conventional organisations, gauk is operated by a very rare breed indeed … ‘Entrepreneurs’ who actually run successful, profitable online businesses of their own … turning over $millions. 

Gauk (now gauk media nz) has run commercial websites for nearly fifteen years. Each business has been built from zero and self-funded with no outside investments or loans. Every one has grown through trial and failure using strategic testing, methods and technologies with a laser sharp focus on a ‘return’ for every dollar invested. In ‘plain speak’, if we don’t make money, we don’t eat!

It’s One Thing Having a Website … It’s a Totally Different Ball Game ‘Doing Business’ Online!

Read about our latest, super-exciting projects!

BOGOF (working name) … Profitable Group Selling!

Project 1: gauk Media has teamed up with Robertsons Chartered Accountants and have developed a revolutionary daily deals advertising platform with one specific goal … to help business do more business.

If you’re not on The Grid, YOU’RE not on the map!

Project 2: New Zealand Smart Search - The biggest hurdle facing business operators once their website is built is getting found!  As entrepreneurs we’ve battled against the giant and their ‘secret ranking algorithms’ (how they list search results). Just when you think you’ve cracked the ‘search engine code’ Google change their systems! If a web developer promises to get you to number one in Google, to be blunt, they’re full of it!

At gauk, we tell you how it is out there in the trenches and we’re only interested in partnering with companies that are focused on growth for the long term.

To get over the ‘great Google conundrum’ we’ve come up with a New Zealand specific ‘Smart Search’. The brief was simply this: ‘Help NZ businesses get found’.

The has created a level playing field helping local business not only survive … but prosper in an increasingly competitive climate.

fixed prices

So … what can we do for YOU?

It’s a sad but true FACT that “nobody really gives a damn about your business!”

They don’t want to read your Company History or Profile; they’re not interested in reading About Us, and they certainly couldn’t give a flying fig about what wonderful people the staff are (although I’m sure they are!)

A customer has a problem and ALL they want is it solved … An efficient Web Business will ask, “What can we do for you?” and simply deliver the solution. 

First, and in total contradiction to what was just said, I feel it’s IMPORTANT in this particular case that you know who we are and be confident that we can solve YOUR problems … We’ve traded online for over twelve years, have grown exponentially and now manage a truly international operation with interests in USA, UK, India, Europe, The Philippines, and now New Zealand. We run a number of websites like gauk Auctions, gauk Charters, gauk Motors, gauk Villas etc

Over our time online we’ve suffered large bouts of confusion, encountered information overload and become utterly bewildered at times, but slowly and by actually working through real-world issues we’ve climbed to a lofty height on the formidable learning curve.

We’ve employed the services of numerous web agencies for projects and during our time on the Web have endured every problem imaginable. We’ve gone live with propositions so prolific that sheer demand crashed the servers or broke the code. We’ve had websites that enjoyed high traffic (visitors) from search engines only to see it disappear overnight (recently!) We’ve had to deal with hackers, data thieves, you name it … and many other issues the everyday Web designer simply wouldn’t encounter.

websites solvedOver the years we have fine tuned every aspect of a ‘Web Business’ … from security to online payment processing, from testing sales conversion rates to efficient delivery of product, from scalable server architecture to great customer support systems. Some of our businesses have now turned over many millions of dollars so we know ‘through stubborn experience’ that our systems are sound, scaleable and above all, highly profitable.

Through gauk Media, for the very first time, we now make these services available to companies large and small … We have the ‘in the trenches’ grounding and talent to bring any project vividly to life and more importantly, nourish it’s growth. Be it a small start up with limited operating resources to a vast operation enjoying One Hundred Million unique visitors a monthwe handle it!

Survival on the Internet requires an holistic approach and it’s a rare business that can’t improve turnover by implementing some simple, scalable strategies. Our experience has shown that even simply ‘tweaking’ and split testing headlines, colours and page layouts, we can increase conversions of a web page by up to 100%!!!

…So just imagine what we can do for you when we really get down to work!

When we talk the first question will not be the ubiquitous “what’s your budget?”

We will discuss your goals, objectives and plan out how best they can be achieved through technology that is the bedrock of organisations running their operations sustainably online in today’s highly competitive environment. And more importantly plan out a monetisation strategy to ensure that there is a return on the money invested.


Unparalleled Support & Training

gauk provided a first-class service, including strategic IT advice, prompt response and user support above and beyond any contractual obligation.

Bob Radcliffe, Brandon Industries Council

With training, videos, a comprehensive 'Resources' section, informative company blog, lively Fanpage and fastidious support, gauk Media is your invaluable partner to succeeding in running a business online
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    “With Google, Facebook and the like becoming and more more expensive to advertise on, we’ve scoured the web and come up with some surprising alternatives. Media Buying for Profit!  We can introduce you to some incredible advertising opportunities like the biggest dating website in the world you’ve never heard of! Here you can buy the most highly targeting advertising for as little as $1 PER 10,000 views … We’ve filled and continue to fill our Resources portfolio with all the cutting-edge tools that help us grow our business … this is a ‘look over my shoulder and copy what works deal’Get in Touch
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    “Having used your services since the beginning, I am finding the added benefits more and more useful. The marketing ideas that you and the team come up with are also very helpful and as ever, are backed up by easy to follow video tutorials. I been watching gauk services grow rapidly over the past 12 months and love the fact that you’re so focused on what WE want.  I so am excited about the new features coming online soon and can’t wait to incorporate them into my marketing business… David Wilcox BZ9 Client” Let's Talk!
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For someone like me, who knows absolutely nothing about IT, it’s really nice to be able talk to someone who can translate what I need and come back with results … We see gauk as an extension of our own IT team, not as a third party supplier … I had every confidence they would come up with an innovative solution 

gauk Network Customer Comments
At gauk media we are confident that once you begin using our services you’ll wonder how you ever managed without us. Most of our clients across our various services and networks have been with us for years, a testiment to the impact gauk products has on Internet Businesses. But you don’t have to take our word on that, after all, we’ve got a vested interest in having you on board as a customer! So we’ve done our very best to make the service accessible to all.  Firstly, we’re so confident in our services that we offer time and budget guarantees so that you can ensure we meet your high standards. Put us to the test … No commitment! Secondly, we offer our No Quibble Refund: If gauk products are not as described or we let you down on delivery let us know how we failed you giving us the opportunity to resolve the problem … if we can’t we’ll refund your money**

Let's Get Cracking

Concerned that gauk Media services look expensive? Think again! … After many years of doing business online we’re absolutely confident that we offer the very BEST packages available on the Internet today at far less than you would pay if you were to licence multiple services from multiple vendors. And even more importantly, because we manage the whole business the buck stops with us! You won’t find the web designer passing the blame for a bug to the hosing company and you won’t find the hosting company blaming the email marketing software for crashing the servers … NO!  “You buy cheap’ you pay twice!” …  gauk Media services are not ‘cheap’. Because of their ‘modular’ format they are ‘low cost’ and offer exceptional value for money now and in the long term.

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Since 2003 through various gauk services, we have been developing cutting-edge tools, services and plugins so that small to medium size businesses and affiliates can compete with large organisations, (and WIN), some with the unique benefit that you will never have to upload, download, setup or configure software or servers. YOUR competitors are taking action … are YOU? Whatever your business profile to profit from the Internet there are key systems and practices EVERY business MUST adopt in order to remain competitive. With the massive shift to mobile browsing, mobile applications and of course social media it is IMPERATIVE that all categories of business, from work at home, to small and large corporations right through to affiliate marketing embrace these new and exciting systems. The results WILL speak for themselves…

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We are so confident in the service we deliver that we offer cast iron budget and time guarantees … put us to the test. Contact Us TODAY! See gauk systems working and experience the positive IMPACT they will have on your business.

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I look forward to welcoming you on board as a valued client and working together. To your ultimate success Paul Tranter

Need a Beautiful, Elegant Solution On Time & On Budget!

Concerned that gauk services look expensive? Think again!
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